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Looking for different beauty in indoor and outdoor bonsai decorations, you will gain a lot...

Plastic waste is a material that can be recycled in the wrong place

When we think of plastic waste, we think about the 8 – 14 million tons which enter our oceans every year. Out of this fi...

Turn waste plastic into beautiful pebbles

By chance, an American merchant told me that life and arc...

Cobblestone garden path makes your farm more beautiful!

The cobbled paved road is as delicate and interesting as art.

The origin of Polypebbles

With the progress of society and the improvement of people's material life, the development of first-class gardening and...

New polypebbles, new colors.


Congratulations to Grolife Eco Products Pty Ltd

Congratulations to Grolife Eco Products Pty Ltd for obtai...

In the yard, make a small pool on the tall, prepare plastic sheets and pebbles.

I used to look forward to a small pool next to the courtyard. I could plant some lotus flowers in...

Indoor and outdoor flower pot decoration, invisible to the soil, the environment is more refreshing

In the pots, the polypebbles look more beautiful, and also set off the color of the plants...

What is Polypebbles?

PolyPebbles provide an elegant, professional finish as a ...